stephanie rhealyn singer songwriter

Narcissistic Abuse is REAL + Toxic Relationships are PAINFUL.   

. . . but RECOVERY + HEALING are possible! 

My music is often inspired by the roller coaster ride of infatuation, degradation, excitement, confusion, love, indifference, struggle, horror, + devastation that I experienced in a dangerously toxic 10+ year relationship.

Increasing awareness + understanding of toxic relationships (regardless if any clinical psychopathy is actually present) is the primary goal behind my #ToxicEXposure advocacy.  If sharing my story helps ANYONE get free from or avoid the nightmare of a relationship with a narcissist, that will be well worth being this publicly vulnerable.  

I hope that sharing my story + insights helps other suffering women to find the clarity, strength, + tools they need to leave + heal from a relationship with a narcissist (or otherwise toxic individual).

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