• Stephanie Rhealyn

Songwriting JUNE 2021

I'm writing again! Got several new songs in the works that are definitely more ME than anything I've shared with you so far! (Talk about putting myself out there - I'm like freaking out a little).

Anyway, guess what else!?! Before I expose that stuff, I've got one more country tune that I just have to put out! So stay tuned for a fun singalong BREAKUP song coming your way July 1st!

Love, Steph

About My Songwriting

Hey! I'm Steph, and I consider myself an extremely versatile singer-songwriter. I'm an independent artist from Southern VA, and I do music as one of my many passions!

I don't limit myself to one "genre," but overall my ME songs tend to sound like pop-rock, indie-rock, or alternative-pop (and sometimes country, hey I'm a southern girl after all). Think of mixing the sounds of 70's rock, with classic song-structures of the 80's, and add in a hefty dose of 90's alternative - then sprinkle a little 2000's country on top! That concoction is what I think makes my music unique, yet comfortingly familiar and relatable.

Check out my Instagram post from 01/20/2021 for a graphic-scrapbook story that tells my journey as a songwriter!

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