• Stephanie Rhealyn

In Hindsight of the Lovebombing Phase

Updated: Jun 14

This time last year, I WAS NOT smiling like this.

...not on the inside anyway. Why? Well, the mask of a #lovebombing #narcissist was beginning to come off + I was starting to see the TRUTH about the horror story I had gotten myself back into. Oh sure, on the outside I touted my "accomplishment" of being back with my "one true love..."


...but on the inside, I was suffering in realization that I was indeed duped AGAIN by #pseudocharm, manipulation, + my own #traumabond issues that I had NO idea still existed in the deepest layers of my psyche.


Thankfully, I learned, albeit #thehardway, + got out of that mess about 9 months ago! So, today I'm home, free, peaceful, + being absolutely loved/cared for by my amazing husband who actually stood by me throughout ALLLL the craziness! ...and today, I get to smile from the inside out!



If you think someone you know might find hope in this part of my story, please Share. #loveyourself Sincerely, Steph

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