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As you can see, this page/video is only accessible through a specific link on my Instagram Stories and Instagram Link in Bio.  You cannot access this page straight from my website, nor have I blasted it on Facebook.  What that means is that someone would have to really be looking deep in order to find this - and what that means is only the people who really need to hear what is said in this video, will ever hear it.  I'm reiterating the purpose and intent behind this video is to share MY truth and stand up to my abuser by way of putting just a FEW actual examples of my experience out there in case he is trying to tell a FALSEHOOD about our history; in case he is trying to reverse the roles and call me "the crazy one" or obsessed with him.  Nah, that's not going to fly.  Because THIS is the truth.  I recommend my abuser should he ever see this video or hear about it, just admit where he went wrong in ever LYING about me and try to move forward in his life for once with honesty and integrity.  Because one thing is for sure, as long as he leaves me alone, he will never have another thing to worry about with me!  I will share no further details (to include his hand written letters where he ADMITS many of the things I've said in the video; screenshots of him texting me "Hey Beautiful" and more stuff up until 1/11/23 when he was already "in a relationship" - a recording of things he told me on 2/17/23 that I'm sure he would not like someone else to hear also based on his relationship status at that time)!  Note: the purpose of my conversation with him on 2/17 was simply for me to apologize for some of the mean things I had told him previously.  In my former anger towards him, I had said some pretty mean things, and by mid-February, I had finally healed up another level and wanted to apologize so that I didn't have to risk dying with that being on my conscious as the last words I said to him!  I wanted to apologize for MY benefit and I also wanted to let him know that I had fully forgiven him and let go - again this was only for MY benefit of continuing to move forward.  So yeah, I will keep details and everything else under wraps as I have been doing up until this point where I have a feeling he has been trying to lie about me!  It kinda burned me up a little that after such a convo on 2/17 where it seemed like a "cordial and final ending" that he would go around lying on me.  So yeah, that is what has sparked me to tell a little more of my story publicly, because while I don't TRULY care what others think about me, I don't like to be lied about directly like that.  So, if he leaves me alone, there will simply be no problems like I told him numerous times before. As they say, don't start no poop, won't be no poop!  :)   And let's be clear:  THIS is not me STARTING anything.  My abuser started this by lying about me.  Funny that up until recently and based on the cordial 2/17 conversation, I had still actually thought that one day he might turn out to be a decent person (lmao). I had even cordially and in a grey rock manner let him know about the death of his childhood friend's daughter's, just to be DECENT!  But worry not!  I know now that this person is completely delusional, still a liar, and just a textbook sociopath and always will be - so every last ounce of hope that this person could EVER turn into a decent person has finally left me, and this may be harsh, but now that I've explained myself the way that I have in this video, he is literally NOTHING to me.  I no longer have any sympathy for him and as heartless as it may sound, I just do not care what happens to him.  I don’t care how any aspects of his life turn out anymore, I don’t care what he does, what he doesn’t do, who he is with, whether or not he is sober or in mental health treatment – I literally just do not care.  Not because I am a mean person; I’m actually quite the contrary.  I’m extremely caring and empathetic and love to help others!  I simply don’t care about him or anything related to him in the same way that YOU (anyone) don't care about a stranger that you have never met who lives in TimBuckToo – I mean, it’s just like he doesn’t even exist.  So that’s what I mean by I don’t care anymore.  It's not in a mean way at all.  I don’t have ANY resentments, hate, or regrets. I don't feel any need to apologize for ANYTHING I have said here or in the video because IT IS THE TRUTH!!!  And I have NOT shared ALOT that I actually could have an he knows this!  I have forgiven and let go of EVERYTHING related to him in my psyche. I am at peace with everything and have a very bright future ahead of me that I can now finish since I have FULLY healed from all the b.s. with him in my past. And I just wish all of his future victims the best of luck; I recommend you guard your children, your property, your money, and yourself HARD.  If you don't, unfortunately, you may one day be recording a video just like this one. 


p.s. In the video when I start saying stuff like "present your side of the story sweetheart," I want it to be clear that I'm speaking to my abuser. When I'm saying "provide your evidence honey" etc., that's me speaking to the abuser.   I realized it sounded pretty condescending and wasn't really clear who I was addressing when I said that, so I just wanted to clarify that!  :)

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