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Stephanie Rhealyn - the versatile songwriter

Yep, that's what I call myself!  If you listen to my current catalog, you'll understand why!  Overall, I tend to somehow mix elements of rock, country, pop, alternative all together - and sometimes, even a touch of blues!   I just create the melodies that come to me – if it’s country, it’s country, if it’s pop, it’s pop, etc.   I just write the melodies that come to me when I'm chillin with my guitar - I'm not tied to any specific genre.  But some people have told me that most of my songs sound like Evanescence and Britney had a baby lol!

Stephanie Rhealyn - the Piscean INTJ

I feel like I'm sort of an oxymoron lol.  I'm very laidback, and I believe in “keeping it real” to live life to the fullest.  But, I'm also super goofy and an organized nerd.  I fit my Sun Sign's personality description (Pisces), while also somehow being an INTJ (Myers Briggs) through and through.  And if those terms mean nothing to you, I'll put it this way: a Pisces is known to be very dreamy, empathetic, creative, and fluid - while INTJs are famous for their strong organizational and problem-solving skills, as well as being kinda rigid socially.  Professionally speaking, I have Masters in Human Services Counseling + Life Coaching; I've also been a Beachbody Coach, a Probation Officer, a Personal Trainer, and a Massage Therapist.  Sooo, now that I think of it, maybe I'm actually a unicorn.  :P


Stephanie Rhealyn - artist biography

Born and raised in the heart of southern Virginia, I started playing around on the guitar when I was 10.  I continued to learn, play, and write in honor of my dad (who also enjoyed guitar) who passed away when I was 12.  For me, playing guitar and writing songs was the safest and most effective outlet for coping with losing my dad (and I needed it, because I definitely had some other not-so-healthy outlets that, thankfully, didn't consume me).  Fun fact:  I didn't learn how to play an actual chord until I was 19!  

With family ties to the legendary Roy Clark and the granddaughter of the late Bluegrass extraordinaire Gene Clark, I feel like I was born with music in my bones.   But, I've NEVER been one to enjoy the spotlight lol!  For me personally, songwriting is not an avenue for popularity or recognition . . . it’s just something I love to do . . . it’s my absolute favorite form of expression . . .it’s fun . . . and when I’m picking out melodies, it’s like my heart comes alive!

After securing a successful career outside of music, I'm FINALLY able to focus on my passion for music and songwriting in my spare time.  I never thought I'd actually have any of my own songs produced and released worldwide, but once I figured out how to turn my pain into my power and stop making excuses, I've made that dream come true!   . . . so now, my next goal is to have a major artist perform one of my songs!   #dreambig

Quote I Live By

"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not." - Andre Gide


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