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Artist Biography

Born and raised in the heart of southern Virginia, I started playing around on the guitar when I was 10.  I continued to learn, play, and write in honor of my dad (who also enjoyed guitar) who passed away when I was 12.  For me, playing guitar and writing songs was the safest and most effective outlet for coping with losing my dad (and I needed it, because I definitely had some other not-so-healthy outlets that, thankfully, didn't consume me).  Fun fact:  I didn't learn how to play an actual chord until I was 19!  

With family ties to the legendary Roy Clark and the granddaughter of the late Bluegrass extraordinaire Gene Clark, I feel like I was born with music in my bones.   But, I've NEVER been one to enjoy the spotlight lol!  For me personally, songwriting is not an avenue for popularity or recognition . . . it’s just something I love to do . . . it’s my absolute favorite form of expression . . .it’s fun . . . and when I’m picking out melodies, it’s like my heart comes alive!

After securing a successful career outside of music, I'm FINALLY able to focus on my passion for music and songwriting in my spare time.  I never thought I'd actually have any of my own songs produced and released worldwide, but once I figured out how to turn my pain into my power and stop making excuses, I've made that dream come true!   . . . so now, my next goal is to have a major artist perform one of my songs!   #dreambig

Quote I Live By

"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not." - Andre Gide


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Crystal Salt


"As we listened we were given chills down our backs with just how much talent Stephanie has.

It reminded us of similarities to Kelly Clarkson,  and we were in awe listening." 

-Alchemical Records

(Song: A Thousand More)

"This song is different from everything I have heard before! Huge huge song, very beautiful!"

– Private Curator

"I like the atmosphere in your sweet and soulful vocal performances.  This is a great sounding production .. playful and moody .. groovy and tasteful .. great guitar sound .. overall a strong and solid performance. I like this track .. absolutely a soulful and tender country rock performance."

- HQindie 

"Keep up the incredible writing and vocals."

– GasMaskMagazine

"Great lyrics! You have a wonderful and beautiful voice! You are definitely a talented songwriter!"

- Cheers to the Vikings

"Think you have an amazing voice, nice to listen to. Performance sounds all good in my feelings, good job. Like the lovely vibe your background music spreads with some great sounds in combination. Cool one overall."

- CruisinLove

"Hey Stephanie, you've got a really strong vocal that has this subtle country tone to it that makes the story you're telling really come to life, it's something most artists struggle with and you make it look effortless!"


"Really beautiful voice here, appealing lyrics and balanced instrumentation. Songwriting is definitely interesting."

- Dimitris E.

"I liked the flow of the track, well written for sure."

- Digitial Tour Bus 

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